Moody Mindy in muddy March
likes to walk around the marsh
with her clunky big ol’ boots
pickin’ carrots from their roots.

Moody Mindy in merry May
likes to swim and splash and spray
in her tiny bathing suit
and two pigtails—
she thinks it’s cute!

Moody Mindy in early June
likes to slide around the dunes
kickin’ sand and flyin’ kites
chasin’ bees before they bite.

Moody Mindy has gloomy times
and changes moods just on a dime
if she gets not what she wants
she kicks and screams
and broods and taunts.

But Moody Mindy most of all
likes to crunch dry leaves in Fall
to roast on fire and go on hikes
and sing old songs with lil’ tykes.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
April 29, 2018 | Orange County, California

MOODY MINDY©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Prom Time


Just before the strike of midnight
as they closed the Beauty Ball,
there they stood the lonely maidens
waiting for their call.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
June 8, 2000 | Hollywood Hills, California

Prom Time©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Upon Returning | וכך בשובי מארץ מולדת

וכך בשובי מארץ מולדת
נפשי קרסה בקירבי
ברחובות סואנים הלכתי בודדת
.עם שקט נורא מסביבי

רציתי לחוש שוב את חום המולדת
לישון ברחם אימי
לקום בבוקר בחייקה היגע
.להתעורר מחלום תהומי

כך בשובי מארץ מוזהבת
ערגתי לשכון בתוכך
ואם אשכחך אותך ירושלים
.תדבק לשוני אל חייקך
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
March 2016 | Orange County, California

Upon returning
from my beautiful homeland
my soul collapsed in my heart,
in busy streets I walk alone
as deafening silence shoots darts.

I long for the warmth
of the place I was born,
and to sleep
with my Mom once again,
to get up in the morning
at dawn with the heavens
and to turn the abyss into glens.

So when I returned from
my sweet golden country,
I longed to dwell within YOU–
And if I ever forget you Oh, Yerushalayim
may my heart forever turn blue.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
7/12/2018 | Orange County, California





You Are My Homeland | את מולדתי

את את מולדתי
ארץ יהודה ושמעון
כאן הוא ביתי ופה המעון
במישעולי אבותינו
בין קיברות דן ושימשון
אתהלך לי עם גיל זמר
בשדות אשתאול
ובצל האלה
לשולי מעין
נפשי בנועם תפעם
.לעולמי העולם

You are my birthplace
the land of Yehuda and Shimon
this is my soil
and here is my home
on the paths
of our forefathers
between the tomes
of Dan and Shimshon
I walk with a humm
in the fields of Eshtaol.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
6/30/2018 | Eshtaol, Israel

Eshtaol©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Eshtaol©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Eshtaol©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Eshtaol©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Eshtaol©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Over You Jerusalem | עליך ירושלים

עליך ירושלים
אשקיף ממרומים
ואשלח תפילתי
אליך אלוהים
שתביא לנו ברכה
ושמחה וששון
ולכל העולם
.מפה המקום

Over you Jerusalem
I look from up above
and I send my prayers
to You our God
that you’ll bring us joy
and peace and happiness
to the whole of the world
from this very place.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus©Yakira Shimoni FulksArt

Mt. Scopus©Yakira Shimoni FulksArt

When Men Father Children

When men father children
then decide they’ve had enough
and leave to find their fortunes
while their children are scared and scruff.

Who will stay to find solutions
to the mounting sense of dread
of young children who are baffled
and are crying and are sad?

What kind of father is a man
who lives without remorse
of the pain he causes children
with his callousness of force?

What lessons does a father
teach to prime his only son
if he sets to hurt with purpose
and inflict harm on his own?

What examples do young girls
grasp from watching the only man
who is said to be their savior
if their mother he sets to maim?

What is in the message
of a man who lashes out
on his woman and her children
to abandon them without?

Who had given men the power
to bleed and cripple and extort
and to cause such wrenching grief
to the families that they abort?

Who will stay to clean the mess
and assure that sons abound,
don’t repeat their fathers’ follies
when their turn comes around?
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
December 27, 1998 | Graymoor, IL

Fathers day©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

For You Jerusalem | ולך ירושלים

ולך ירושלים
אזמר שיר מזמור
על שמי התכלת
הפריחה והאור
וישים לך האל
שלווה בחיקך
במהירה בימינו
עוד שלום נברך.

And for you Jerusalem
I sing you a song
for your bright blue sky
and your light that is strong
may God fill you
with a cheerful delight
and may peace be yours
.all our days and our nights

Yakira Shimoni Fulks©
6/14/2018 Jerusalem, Israel

6/14/2018 Jerusalem, Israel

Har Adar©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Cactus Har Adar©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Israeli Flag Har Adar ©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Har Adar©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

Har Adar©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art

mom©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art