W.T.F. is a Friend?

WTF is a Friend? is an artistic fusion of middle eastern/Kurdish music, poetry, spoken word, Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Asaf Productions signature sound. This is the first release off Asaf’s new album OC Mix Buss

Vocals | Lyrics | Music | Production | Performance | Audio Engineering | Art | Videography: Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks

Who by choice let go and lost me
his heart he closed to cries and pleas
not again will ever find me
your selfishness is a disease.

Who I am
will never die
and to all that’s gone
I say ‘Goodbye’:

To those who tossed me
and then discarded–
to those who took
and then departed–
whomsoever did not love
and all of those who killed my doves.

WTF is a friend?
If he’s not real just pretend
WTF is a friend?
If he don;t fight til the end
WTF is a friend?
If he’ don’t give a fuck aboutcha ends
WTF is a friend?
When it happens over ‘n over again

Whosoever set out to hurt me
his heart he closed to turn mean
need not come to ever see me
your gratitude you smeared too lean.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
September 2, 2018 | OC, California


I am delighted to join the creative collaboration of Asaf Fulks/The OC Recording Company with the budding Legend Ray Goren and the release of their debut single NEW BEGINNING.

Ray is an expressive singer/songwriter/storyteller and an electrifying guitarist. He blends elements of pop, hip-hop, rock and soul into a unique new sound. Ray has been mesmerizing his audience since he was 8 years old. Today we celebrate his 19th birthday and coming of age. Happy Birthday Ray! Happy new beginning! Happy spirals to the Stars. Shine, spread loving kindness and make our World a better place.

I was ecstatic to be the featured artist on NEW BEGINNING—keep it turnin’ to the end  Thank you Ray for igniting my artistic mojo  The three of us, Asaf, Ray and I are cooking up many more creative concoctions and can’t wait to share them all with you. So follow, share, subscribe, like, love and spread the word—It’s a NEW BEGINNING!

https://ocrecording.com/ @ocrecording| http://www.raygoren.com/  @raygoren

NEW BEGINNING by ©YakiraShimoniFulks|MixMedia|March 13 ,2019|OC,California


Early morning and all seems calm
but inside I feel an ache, a raging storm,
and there is no escape—
my soul has been sullied,
beaten n’ bent outta shape.

Once upon a time the world was bright and happy
it gleamed with light
was blissful, golden and so snappy—
but in an instant all went wrong
and no, there’s no joy
not one happy song.

They say luck is spinning like a wheel
what was up—has turned on its heel—
and in the garden of my life
the flowers have dried up,
my spirit withered, shriveled
and so my spark was snuffed.

I hope the day will come
and we shall meet again—
and then my heart will heal
from this dark daughting pain.

And yet, despite the ills,
the sickness n’ malaise,
I feel You with me now
and every morning— always —
so do not be afraid,
I shall — I will survive—
cos’ there I see the sun rise
and now I feel alive.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
February 16, 2019 | OC, California

Morning | Original art and poetry by Yakira Shimoni Fulks: oils, watercolors, graphic design, digital art, photography and music ©2019 All Rights Reserved
בוקר | Original art and poetry by Yakira Shimoni Fulks: oils, watercolors, graphic design, digital art, photography and music ©2019 All Rights Reserved


בוקר וכאן הכל נראה רגוע
—אך בפנים הלב מרגיש כואב, פצוע
וכך עובר לו ערב אחר יום
.ואין מנוס—הכל נראה איום

—פעם העולם היה בהיר שמח
והכל הבהיק באור לבן זורח
אך בין-רגע הכל כך השתבש
.ואין אין יותר ממה להתרגש

—אומרים שהמזל סובב לו כגלגל
מה שהיה למעלה
—פתאום צנח, נפל
ובגינת חיי כל פרח התייבש
.וגם ליבי קמל, נבל והתחלש

בבקרים רוחי איתך תמיד נושבת
—ואותך אני תמיד אוהבת
כולי תקווה כי שוב עוד נפגש
.ועוד נפשי בתוך קרבי תבער כאז—כאש

ואַף עַל פִּי וגם למרות הכל
— באופק כבר אני רואה עולם חדש גדול
אָז בלי יִראָה אני פה עוד ארקוד
בתוך עולם חובק
עולם אוהב
.עולם ורוד

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
 February 16, 2019 | OC, California

Morning | Original art and poetry by Yakira Shimoni Fulks: oils, watercolors, graphic design, digital art, photography and music ©2019 All Rights Reserved
Morning | Original art and poetry by Yakira Shimoni Fulks: oils, watercolors, graphic design, digital art, photography and music ©2019 All Rights Reserved


Sometimes I want to say something
but nothing comes to my head—
sometimes I want to say something
but I feel so empty and dead.

Sometimes I want to write something
but the words jumble instead—
everything sounds trite and so boring
like the tandem thoughts in my head.

Sometimes I miss a far distant illusion
of something I wish had occurred—
true love and eternal profusion
that would turn my pain hazy blurred.

But sometimes I sing ever so brightly
the birds in the sky stop to watch—
and they join me together so spritely
kicking my tunes up a notch.

And suddenly I see it all so clearly
and the world sparks again with aglow—
for I feel You as nearly above me
as the shadow of black crows on snow.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
January 13, 2019 | OC, California
For Abba

Crows | Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art


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Happy Birthday ❤

Happy New Year to all and Happy Birthday to my one n’ only son and BFF Asaf Fulks 🎂 May all your days be happy and bright. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and your mind in the 13th Sphere. I love you forever ❤❤❤

When I was young and you a lil’ baby
when you had just come out to see
the world around you, the good and crazy,
I did not know what was to be.

I wished that day
that we will play
and bask in light forever —
to live a life of gentle breeze
to love and laugh and savor.

So many years have passed since then
too many days for me to count
but in the glow of every sunset
I still remember the wish I sent.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
August 23, 1999 | Graymoor, IL

Happy New Year Happy Birthday

Way Back Then

Way back then
when all was pure and simple
when summer days
were long as Neverland—
way back then
when tunes were rhymes and jingles
I used to wish that life will never end.

Way back then
I used to count the hours
and wished the night
will turn day again—
I longed for breezy
sudden autumn showers
and clouds that sailed
above the fertile plains.

I loved the freshness
of the early winter—
on days when snow
had fallen from the sky
and all had glistened white
with sparkly glitter
way back then before we said Goodbye.

Way back then
nothing seemed to bother
I felt alive and young
and so carefree—
I yearned for the spring
to bloom in all its colors
and whiffed each flower like a thirsty bee.

And now I look back
and I often wonder—
where have all those
marvel moments gone?
and then I hear
a distant clap of thunder
and once again I feel I am reborn.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
October 13, 2018 | OC, California

Way Back Then©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art 2018