Not only does ‘The Boy in the Box’ crackle with wisdom, it will put a smile on your heart, just like it did on mine.

Judge James P. Gray (Ret.) Author, A Voter’s Handbook(The Forum Press, 2010)

‘The Boy in the Box’ is a uniquely beautiful story—like a poem that stays in your heart. The illustrations convey, in an uncannily accurate way, the shades of emotions the boy is feeling. But, it’s not just a story about a boy and the bee who loves him, it’s a perfect story for today’s times when we’re all feeling afraid to come out of our box after the pandemic. 

—Carole Lieberman, M.D., America’s Psychiatrist | Author, Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror

I have followed Kira’s work for decades. Having read the ‘Boy in the Box’ in both Hebrew and English, I can join the immortal bard in saying: ‘From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive; They sparkle still the right Promethean fire; They are the books, the arts, the academies, that show, contain and nourish the world.’ 

—Ayal Rosenberg, Author, Denial

‘The Boy in the Box’ is a book that falls into the ‘must read’ category. Written wonderfully and fluently. Recommended for children, parents, caregivers and poetry lovers. Expands the heart and gives hope. 

—Noa Shimoni, Certified Consultant. M.A.

If you enjoy engagingly elegant and artfully unaffected verse written through the mind of a child, with all of its individuality and intricacy, portraying a rich inner and outer world of one that is at that early stage of self-discovery and thus subjected to emotionally charged ideas and feelings in a continual state of flux, then this is the book for you. As a former school teacher I know the level of skill required to achieve just the right tone and register appropriate for capturing the attention of children in a way that is both agreeably challenging for them while also fun to read. The sustained bouncy rhythm and dulcet rhyming are exquisitely pitched to be both playful and intense. The theme and sense of a child’s loneliness and the sudden and unexpected presentation of a possible escape route is captured in efficiently condensed writing from the very first verse. As a philosopher I can appreciate how well the child’s inquiring mind and sense of wonder is conveyed here, for children are natural philosophers, looking for meaning in a confusing world, thinking about what they ought to be doing, and about what it is they are wanting. The beautifully crafted illustrations perfectly complement the boy’s emotional roller coaster, his sudden shifts in mood from joy and hopefulness to doubt and despair under the influence of the honey bee, a presence ripe with significance and suggestion. Adults would find this a pleasing read too, open as it is to numerous possible interpretations. But coursing through the entire poem is a motif we understand well enough, whether young or old, our self-imposed limitations, our anxiety about taking the necessary risks to step beyond them and to find freedom and fulfillment not just in thinking outside the box but also in living outside it.

—David Proud, Philosopher, The Hegel Academy of Speculative Philosophy

A lovely poem “The Boy in the Box” that has just been published by Kira Fulks, an awesome multi-talented artist and writer, appeared to my inbox as an audio book. Thank you, Kira! 🙏❤️📚

This beautiful story has given me a lot of joy and happiness. It’s an important reminder that life needs to be taken up boldly and now, and with a little help from your friends, it succeeds even when the world might feel too scary.

The book is very wise and its storytelling is so beautifully and naturally flowing that I think it will become an evergreen classic. You can read more about it here and make sure you will get your own copy:

And always, be kind. “Be a Bee!” 🙏❤️🐝

—Jaana Janhila, Author and writer

It was so lovely to have the opportunity and pleasure of reading Kira Fulks newly published book. Such beautiful work – with powerfully evocative words and nice pieces of artwork. 💙

I have so many lovely memories of my time on this platform – since I became more engaged online📱✨- but this is by far the most memorable, the sweetest moment from being here. ✨

You are incredibly talented and amazing, Kira Fulks ! Thank you for having taken your precious time to personally send me your gorgeous and most wonderful book.

‘The Boy in the Box’ is so beautifully written, sweet and adorable!! 📖 The idea of a dual language – Hebrew and English is brilliant too. I am so touched and will treasure this kind gift forever. 🦋

—Liz Slater, Transaction Services at University of Birmingham

Congratulations, Kira!!! 🎇 I heartily recommend this book, which is very unique – both in words and in illustrations. It’s a beautiful metaphor that touches the reader on so many different levels. And it’s like a Rorschach test – the reader projects onto it what they are struggling with – from love to loneliness – and find it very comforting in the end. 🤗

—Carole Lieberman, M.D., America’s Psychiatrist | Author, Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror

Just delivered moments ago, an expected book with an unexpected CD. Additionally, to my surprise and interest, the children’s book is also in Hebrew. Much gratitude to Kira Fulks as well Asaf Fulks… Exchanging art forms among artists is a tradition longstanding since antiquities.

Although I do not read Hebrew, I do have numerous books in numerous languages. For languages solicit then elicit histories, ideas, narratives, emotions, passions when heard and read of course, as it does when the strokes and shapes of letters, words and sentences are merely viewed even simply touched on paper, leaf, document, scroll, wood and stone. For if to curiously, lingeringly place a hand on a pictograph in a cave, is then to sympathetically, affirmatively, timelessly place a hand on the shoulder of an ancient.

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”–Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

With that said… As one who contends Christian reformed theology, it would be narrowly focused if not to critically understand what precedes and parallels still as the Jewish faith and language. Thus to understand the Christian Communion and history, one must understand the Jewish Passover and history (Seder book in 3rd photo, purchased long ago), for the two share one particular evening 2000 years ago, do they not.

I digressed, my apologies. so again, an appreciation to a good friend for the book.

—D.C. Quillan Stone, Poet first, then Blogger/Writer, Philosopher/Ethicist

Hello, dear friends! I’ve just got Kira Fulks book! It’s beautiful, sweet and emotional!
It’s written in English and Hebrew, which is fantastic! I love it!

—Karina Mosser, Artist, Art Educator

 Kira’s cover art was incisive, elegant and uniquely true to the text of Dear Wife Dear Widow.

—Melvin Swartz, Author, DEAR WIFE DEAR WIDOW: What Will I Do After he Is Gone

I love it. I love my book! Kira did a beautiful cover! I am writing instead of calling because I dont think you want to hear an old man cry. 

—Dan Zurla, Author,  THE CASE OF A CIVIL RIGHT: The Freedom to Walk a Public Course