The Boy in the Box – Audio FlipBook


May 2021
Audio Flip Book
ISBN: 978-0-9842752-6-7 | 0-9842752-6-6

Written, translated, narrated, illustrated and designed by Yakira Shimoni Fulks.

Purchase includes unlimited access to the English Audio Flip Book available on this website.

Trade Paperback version available in both English and Hebrew.

Audio Flip Book version also available in Hebrew.

Copyright © 2021 Kira Fulks | All Rights Reserved


The Boy in the Box – Audio Book

A Parable for Children and Adults

When at times life seems harsh and a bit scary
and it’s so hard to laugh to sing and be merry
when deep down inside you feel ever so lonely
and you say to yourself: “Oh, I wish, Oh, if only . . .”
What if your wish became suddenly true
and you could step out with your hat and your shoes
would you stay in your box and play the blame game
or kindle your spirit with a bright glowing flame?

For my children Asaf and Talia

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