I stretch on the sand
relaxed and well-tanned
feel the cool air wisp my body
so soft—
thinkin’ of you
strokin’ me like a flute
playin’ my soul
that been saddened
and mute —
the heat of the sun
is burning my buns
and pucker me
swollen with sup
feelin’ you here
my sweet love, my dear,
succulently sipping my cup.
Your skin feels the hot sand
Longing for my touch
Closing your eyes
Feel the warmth
Known feeling
Down your belly
Asking me to come
Taste your breasts
Stiffly suck them
Just to hear your light moan
“You are here My Love—
Finally here.”


LoveNotes ©Yakira Shimoni Fulks duet with My Love
Aug. 12, 2020 | OC California

Crystalline California | I Want to Love you

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