Thus many birthdays came
some happy some with sorrow
she saw her life move by
still wishing for new morrows.

This morning she woke up
to face a brand new day
today she is Sixty five
and here is what she says:

I traveled through the years
to see so many changes
despite the many tears
my heart with love still rages.

I stumbled and I fell
and got up to continue
for life is but a tale of
many rings and venues.

The wishes that were given
so many years ago,
are dreams in which I live in
of hopes to reap and sow.

Who knows what will come 
just around the bend
there are so many routes
to reach the promised land.

With vigor in the heart
and hope for better morrows
today is a brand-new start
to fly above the laurels.

Collect the memories
and string them one by one
then tie them in a wreath
and lay them in the sun.

The past is passed and gone
the future lays out there
today is what we have
to be the most and share.

Today I am Sixty-five
my bushels are a flow
today I am still alive
let’s sing and dance and glow.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks | Birthday-4 
May 28, 1998 | Olympia Fields, IL
May 28, 2018 | Jerusalem, Israel
Birthday-part-1 | Kira’s Art
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