This is day 6 of the invitation to post one artwork for 10 days and to nominate another artist to do the same. The purpose is to share our creativity, the love of what we do and support artists.

Today, I acknowledge and invite Art Weiss to showcase his uniquely colorful art 💯🎨🖼

Another atmospheric river is hovering over California. But rain 🌦 or shine 🌞 it’s

‘Time to wake up in need of a shake up
It’s kinda late, so getup and let’s roll
Snap a picture, hashtag your twitter
While I stir well the mixture
till the top is on fire”🔥

Asaf David Fulks ft. G’La & Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art
#videography : Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks