Moody Mindy in muddy March
likes to walk around the marsh
with her clunky big ol’ boots
pickin’ carrots from their roots.

Moody Mindy in merry May
likes to swim and splash and spray
in her tiny bathing suit
and long pigtails—she’s a hoot!

Moody Mindy in early June
likes to slide around the dunes
kickin’ sand and flyin’ kites
chasin’ bees before they bite.

Moody Mindy has gloomy times
and changes moods just on a dime
if she gets not what she wants
she kicks and screams
and broods and taunts.

But Moody Mindy most of all
likes to crunch dry leaves in Fall
to roast cobs and go on hikes
and sing old songs like lil’ tykes.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
April 29, 2018 | Orange County, California
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