Outside the sky was clear and darkness all about
inside he held her dear to never let her out
the magic of the storm brought fire to his heart
he wished to bring her home herself to be his art.

Outside a cat mewed and someone coughed and cried
his head to her he bowed his heart he could not hide
his eye she locked in moans disturb he did not dare
his heart wept alone in pain he could not bear.

He wished to take her home to see her come alive
to let her fly and roam his spirit to revive
he looked into her eyes to see his children there
he saw she was his prize to love and hold and care.

Sheer curtains shuffled softly in shadows shedding light
the room was sweet and haughty her body glistened white
the color of a cherry he saw inside her lips
himself he wished to bury deep inside her hips.

Outside the moon was light the street was dark and empty
she swung herself to heights that he could only envy
outside and down below some slept in quite rooms
inside she sat and glowed—with him inside her womb.

She girded on her hips locking hand and eye
he tightened up his grip as she began to cry
he wished to take her home to live in worlds away
to see the curtains fly each night and morning day.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
May 26, 1998 | Graymoor, IL

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