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Welcome to Kira’s art gallery. I hope my artwork will speak to you and will find its way into your heart and home. Drop me a note–I’d love to hear from you!

For me, art is a process of discovery. The thrill lies in the unfolding of a blank page into an emotional experience.

Yakira Shimoni Fulks

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The Moth and The Flame

It was one of those nights
when the fire was glowing
and a moth was gliding about —
it was one of those nights
when a storm was blowing
and the wind flew in and then out.

The shadow of a candle
flickered on the wall
while the flame burnt somber
to the cry of silent call —
In the flapping and the flutter
the moth in a sudden came
to nearly burn to smolder
in his hide-and-seeking game.

It was one of those nights
when birds were crowing
and the moth flew
to the corner to hide —
it was one of those nights
my tears were flowing —
and I wished you were here
by my side.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
June 1, 1999 | Graymoor, IL
Forever and More | Swimming


Beyond the Candle Light

Beyond the candle light
shadows drew
dark cast —
the evening air grew cold
his pulse was pumping fast.

He poured his heart with quill
and spoke of love and faith
his morning songs have brought
bright smiles upon her face.

A bond from far beyond
so blind and oh so bare —
a glimpse between
split seconds —
two souls embrace in prayer.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
March 29, 2020 | OC, California
Scantily Clad | Moments Unaware


A Studio’s Strength

A studio’s strength
is not measured in meters
buttons, knobs or sets of speakers
mics, lights or past achievements
reels, skills, its craft nor features

Not its keys to unlock doors
the rhodes it’s traveled
or global rapport
its tools, its hits
or clients who’ve soared
its sound, its art,
the heart it’s poured
but rather —
by the sum of its parts.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks and Asaf Fulks Art and Poetry
Moments Unaware | The OC Bandwagon

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Yakira Shimoni Fulks is a dynamic multimedia artist. Kira expresses in a variety of mediums including: graphic and digital arts, videography, music and poetry, singing and songwriting,  traditional oil paintings, drawings and delicate watercolors. Yakira was born in Jerusalem, Israel and holds degrees in international relations, graphic arts and interior design. She is the publisher of The Forum Press located in Orange County, California.

Yakira draws insightful pictures and creates thought provoking images both in paintings and poetry. The subtle intensity of her compositions combined with bold sweeps of color, draw one into the rich tapestry of her work to reflect beyond the images.

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