I wrote the poem “The Great American Winter” on January 26, 2021, following the contentious 2020 election, the polarized political and social climate, and the inauguration of an unfit career politician. Dark, cloudy shadows loomed on the horizon.

Fast-forward nearly four years later, and our country has sunk into an icy hell under an inept, corrupt administration seeking to fundamentally transform the essence of our great nation. Worse, our justice system has been tainted by political bias and election interference. This should terrify every American citizen. Justice and Liberty are at stake, and none of us are safe. The bleeding hearts keeping their eyes on their neighbors, the grass is burning right here at home.

Winter followed summer,
rage and discontent,
blazing hate spread like a virus,
in pompous talk and rant.

Winter followed summer,
on late January day,
frosty winds blew forth
across the Eastern bay.

Winter followed summer,
guards in marble halls,
voices in the shadows
echoed through the walls.

Winter followed summer,
darkness filled the land,
the chill is nipping at the core
of this, our greatest land.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
January 26, 2021 | OC California

Photography: Asaf Fulks