I am proud to be a contributor in Business Standard News 💝 Thank you to the editors for the invitation 💐 My first poem THERE IS LIGHT is now published in the Arts and Entertainment section 🎶

There is light and there is shadow
for every act there is a price
some storms end with big bright rainbows
and some encrust the world with ice.

There is no end and no beginning
the world turns forever long
some days are full of joy and singing
and some are dark as plague with prongs.

Where there is fear there is no courage
cowards leave a friend to die
where there is silence inside a marriage
homes are crumbled and children cry.

Where there is illness there is healing
suspicious hearts are cured with trust
love in time will come down raining
and drown all hate with angel dust.

There is Hell and there is Heaven
you choose the place to live or fry
what you see are deeds that leavened
your tooth for tooth and eye for eye.

There is light and there is shadow
His Glory paves the path beyond
to Thirteen Sphere above green meadows
where His Word is our bond.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
December 25, 2021 | OC, California

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