When men father children
then decide they’ve had enough
and leave to find their fortunes
while their children are scared and scruff.

Who will stay to find solutions
to the mounting sense of dread
of young children who are baffled
and are crying and are sad?

What kind of father is a man
who lives without remorse
of the pain he causes children
with his callousness of force?

What lessons does a father
teach to prime his only son
if he sets to hurt with purpose
and inflict harm on his own?

What examples do young girls
grasp from watching the only man
who is said to be their savior
if their mother he sets to maim?

What is in the message
of a man who lashes out
on his woman and her children
to abandon them without?

Who had given men the power
to bleed and cripple and extort
and to cause such wrenching grief
to the families that they abort?

Who will stay to clean the mess
and assure that sons abound
don’t repeat their fathers’ follies
when their turn comes around?
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
December 27, 1998 | Graymoor, IL

Asaf Fulks — Put The Weapons Down