Woke up this morning wanting a man
to love and to care and to give all he can
to tell me I am the star on his crown
his devotion to me will not waver nor drown.

Woke up this morning wishing I was
cuddled with passion my body reposed
in arms of beau nuzzled and stroked
this what I wished for as soon as I woke.

What is the fear that is raging within?
Who will quench the ache of my skin?
My crave and my need, my want and desire
who is the one who’ll extinguish my fire?
who’ll uplift me and my spirit inspire?

Woke up this morning alone in my bed
my pillow drenched with tears that I shed
how long must I be so ennui and forlorn
how many days will my sadness go on?

Woke up this morning wondering where
is the one I long for to love me and care
will he ever find his way over here
will his love be enough to scatter my fears?

Woke up this morning alone in my bed
tired and lonely and ever so sad
the day will progress regardless I reckon
still I wonder if today at my door love will beckon.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
March 30, 1999 | Graymoor, IL
Monday Morning | Consequences