There are thirteen attributes of God. In Hebrew, the number 13 signifies the infinite and equals love. This release is a soulful, spiritual, contemporary fusion of spoken word, poetry, R&B, orchestral music and heartfelt vocals.

13th Sphere Vocals, Lyrics, Music, Production, Performance, Audio Engineering, Art, Videography:
Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks at The OC Recording Company | OC Mix Buss | Kira’s Art

Dedicated to my beloved brother Ehud Shimoni

I fly today to place unknown
from a past now long and gone
I fly away from where I’ve been
from all the things I know and seen
into the blue that lays out there
as high as prayers can ever dare.

In my dreams I saw
Your beacon illuminating in the dark
calling me to trust, to trust tomorrow
for I shall reach your holy ark
your 13th Sphere is here, so near

Above the crimson sun I fly
into the blue that is Your eye
still deeper into space–
where once upon we knew Your Grace.

As I fly and as I sail
beyond commotion and guttering gales
I see the wake that stretches on
before we cried in Babylon.

To the Garden where we played
before we knew of good and bad–
where we were happy and never sad
and sat together as One—unclad.

In my dreams I saw Your glory
a sight too awesome to recount
between the blackened cleaving hills
I saw Your temple on the mount
your 13th Sphere is here, so near

I fly to You to 13th Sphere
where all is crisp and very clear
where We will be at last in peace
and where my soul You’ll gently ease.

In my dreams I saw your heavens
open brightly through the skies
and my visions overtook me
that at once I wept a cry
Your 13th Sphere is here, so near
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
September 9, 2018 | OC, California