America, America who launched a thousand dreams
from sea to shining oceans to live as one—as team—
America, America a booming industry
of opulence gone sour and man no longer free.

We sing to Thee America our protector and our shield
we come to you with hunger and visions to be rebuilt—
We cover up our scars as we search for higher beams
while we keep skidding further down—falling at the seams.

America, America a God-fearing country
to some you give more while others go hungry—
America, America so beautiful and fair
now a den full of wolves disguised in their lair.

America, America our hearts we give to Thee
in hope and full of promise to live and happy be—
Your visions to inspire in those who do not see
but hold the heights of office—just for you and just for me.

Oh, America, America the land of the free
the grandest of all— of oaks and palm trees—
The land of stars and sparkly spangled banners
who prey on the weak with pretense and ill-manners.

We sing to Thee America the fairest of them all
America the beautiful our gleaming glamour goal—
May God shine His glory for we need all the help
as we drown even deeper in tweeters and yelps.

Oh, remind us America of your days now glory gone
when life was simpler—we were not just a pawn—
Allow hymns of hope to filter into hearts
before it all comes crashing–before we fall apart.

America, America may God protect your soul
from sea to shining oceans, oh, hear our prayers and calls
We wish to dance along—as brothers side by side—
to live at last in Liberty and Justice and with Pride.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
May 21, 1998 | Graymoor, IL

Photography Asaf Fulks | The OC Recording Company
Canon EOS 5DS f/4

Crystal Cove, OC, California 5/28/2021
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