Before my eyes old pictures flee
a red brick house on shaded street
a midday sky of crystal blue
a single rose bush
and birds that flew.

Echoes heard from far off past
all the whys we dared not ask
sentiments that once were felt
and love that thawed to slowly melt.

How does one forget the taste
of words and texts that fell in haste?
The poems and of silver cords
are now the songs of mucking birds.

Before my eyes pass memories
a warm spring night
of tricks and treats
midnight sky of velvet blue
and one lone moon in shades of rue.

Dreams not lived and visions blazed
that once were valued upheld and praised
the sound of yester years and yearns
inside my soul still slowly churns.

Time’s been passing quickly by
since you left and said Goodbye
I cried until my tears have dried
until my heart had pruned and died.

Before my eyes some pictures flee
a warm spring night
a brand new me
a prayer of Thanks
a grateful heart
for spinning honey from poisoned darts
for giving me the strength to be
to live, to love and to be free.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
February ‎13, 1999 | Graymoor, IL
Updated July 24, 2021 | OC, California

Photography Asaf Fulks | The OC Recording Company
Canon EOS 5DS 70mm

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