All Aboard! The OC MIX BUSS is here! My collaboration album with with my son Asaf Fulks is #np everywhere! This original blend of my poetry/spoken word fused with Asaf’s heartfelt vocals, contemporary urban music and eclectic instrumentation make a unique...

Crystalline California

We drove down an old coast road and rolled all the way to the beach. The hills in all directions glowed iridescent green and the air was weightless — crystalline pristine.* ©Yakira Shimoni Fulks June 27, 2019 | OC California 6/27/19


Morning light came too soonand I wasstill engulfed withinthe silver silenceof my dandy dreams.*Yakira Shimoni FulksJune 27, 2019 | OC, California

Come Sing

Come sing the morning song with me dance aloud and jump up free see the glory of this magic show. Come see the beauty of the day the lazy clouds and birds at play and purple flowers on the hills below.*©Yakira Shimoni Fulks January 1, 2015 | Costa Mesa,...