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 Here is the release of our new single BITCOIN đŸŽ”đŸ€‘đŸŽ¶

Experience an electrifying fusion of Hip Hop and Rock N Roll in this groundbreaking single ‘Bitcoin’.

Fatell, Asaf Fulks and Momma K address the financial revolution sweeping the free world, which confronts the entrenched power of traditional banking systems and government manipulation of currency. This hard-hitting anthem will motivate you to reconsider the safety of your funds in banks and to bank on Bitcoin.

The US is facing a staggering debt crisis, with debt totaling $35 trillion. Despite this, there’s a disconnect between the seriousness of the crisis and public perception, with little action being taken to address the growing deficit. With fiscal trends worsening, the US is on a collision course with a fiscal collapse, and the only uncertainty is when it will happen đŸ’”

Asaf David Fulks | The OC Recording Company