This week we shook the Lolav with Rabbi Zavdi at the Sukka of our Chabad Shul. The beautiful bouquet of a palm branch, myrtle leaves, willows, and a citron, known in Hebrew as an Etrog hold special significance:

  1. They grow in different parts of Israel, symbolizing unity among Jews from diverse regions.
  2. Binding these species represents unity among Torah scholars, those with good deeds, individuals with both, and those with neither.
  3. They resemble organs, signifying dedication to serving God with one’s entire being.
  4. Waving them in all directions is a prayer for abundant rainfall.

We also visited the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. The Museum was the gifted by Ada Elvira and Charles W. Bowers, prominent citrus growers in late 19th-century Orange County. They donated the land and $100,000 for the construction of a striking Mission Revival-style building dedicated to showcasing the history of Orange County.

The Museum opened in 1936. Major renovations took place in 1972 and in 1992 it expanded to eight times the original size. It presented over 150 special exhibitions from around the world, opened six permanent galleries. It is one of the finest cultural arts museums in Orange County.