For Ehud Shimoni–We miss you!

It’s been so long since you’ve been gone
I feel so sad and so alone
The skies were blue and now are gray
I think of you each night each day

And all I wanna do is cry for you
And all I wanna do is cry
cry for you
Into my dreams you come along
I hear your sound I sing your song
When I wake from dreams of you–
I feel a pain I never knew

I feel you in my heart, I feel you
Where did you go to I miss you, I miss you
Why did you leave me alone?
Oh, where are you now oh, Oh I miss you,
I need you I want you,
I want you to please come home

The City lights had turned dim
The hills and stars no longer beam
Another day without you here
I feel alone and hold my tears
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Feb 28, 2015 | Orange County, California
Music Production and Engineering ©The OC Recording Company
King Of Hollywood | OC Express