Early morning
at the bay
just me
and God
and the ocean spray.

We drove down an old coast road
and rolled all the way
to the beach.
The hills in all directions glowed
iridescent green
and the air was weightless —
crystalline pristine.

On Sundays we walk to the Cove
down a sandy trail
covered with wildflowers
all the way to the ocean —
We sit on the bench at the edge of the cliff
and watch the sinking sun
fill the air with velvet orange glow
as it quietly reflects in the still water
basking in the beauty of her own light.
And then my heart quivers with yearning
with deep longing sighs —
wishing this moment would last forever.
Poetry and Spoken Word: Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Videography: Yakira Shimoni Fulks and Asaf Fulks
Filmed at Crystal Cove State Park with DJI Osmo Pocket and Mavic Air 2
Music Production: Asaf Fulks and Deonta Birdsong
Audio Engineering: Asaf Fulks The OC Recording Company
https://hiphopbeatz.com | https://ocrecording.com
https://asafproductions.com |California Blazin’