The fog grew thick upon the ground
the morning of the Day of Judgment
the street was silent save for chirps
and leaves rustling on cracking pavement.

They awoke early from their slumber
to face the day ahead
to balance deeds to kin that echoed
resentments that were held.

In hunger and affliction
they faced their God above
to show Him their devotion
their sincerity to prove.

In hushed steps they marched
in halls of the divine
with solitude and penance
to rid their thoughts of grim.

The shepherds stood before the throne
in tears of supplication
their flock to save yet one more time
from evils of damnation:

‘Atone Ye rebel, Come hither
before thy God, your Lord!
Shed your sins into the ground
repent profane discord!

Face thy King of Loving Kindness
claim Him as thy own!
Recite the words, you have forgotten
to be granted a pardon!’

Fierce with vows they called upon
His Holiness to show
a bit of mercy on their souls
to save their skin from blows.

Horns blown with earnest fervor
to reach the gates of Heaven
to bring upon a gentle judgment
for transgressions that have leavened.

Who will live and who will die?
who will pain and who will sigh?
Who will stand the trials and hardship
himself to rectify?

Once n’ while they come to savor
to wipe their slate anew
in resolute if not with fervor
to keep their lies to few.

The fog had lifted by mid-morning
to bring a hazy sun
will their calls and cries and hollers
erase what they have done?

Day of Judgement©Yakira-Shimoni-Fulks—Kiras-Art-and-Poetry