Happy 4th of July to All — May the Force be with us ❤🤍💙

It’s been 52 years since I arrived to this land that I love and called it my Home Sweet Home. God Bless America 🙏☮🌹


We sing to Thee America the fairest of them all
America the beautiful, our dream and our goal
may God shine His glory for we need all the help
as we slide even deeper into the bowels of hell.
Oh, sing to us America about your days of old
when life was clean and simple your worries not so bold
allow the hymns of glory to fill again your heart
before it all comes crashing before we fall apart.
America America may God protect your soul
from sea to shining oceans Oh, hear our prayers and calls
we wish to be in peace as brothers side by side—
to live at last in liberty and justice and with pride.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Poetry
May 21, 1998 | Graymoor, IL

Photography: Asaf Fulks | The OC Recording Company