The 2023 ISA World Para Surfing Championship (WPSC) kicked off yesterday 11/5/23, in Huntington Beach, “Surf City”, California. Hundreds of fans gathered on Main Street to welcome the largest-ever gathering of Para Surfers. Asaf and I went to the opening parade to support the Israeli team.

The Parade of Nations was a spectacular sight, led by the Huntington Beach High School marching band. The opening event featured 184 of the world’s best Para Surfers from 27 national teams and 9 different Para Surfing Sport Classes. They walked waving flags as they headed towards the famous Huntington Beach Pier.

At the ISA’s iconic Sands of the World ceremony, members from each national team added sand from their local beach to a single container, symbolizing the unity of nations around the world. The Israeli Team brought send from the southern shores.

It was a heartwarming event, strangers became friends, we felt a strong bond and were filled with genuine pride as we marched with the team singing ‘Am Israel Chi’, עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי, to loud cheers and calls of support from the enthusiastic spectators. 🔯🙏🕎

The picture, on the bottom right, is 1948 Autoette Cruiseabout. Three-wheeled electric car. Manufactured by Autoette Electric Car Co. Long Beach, CA. Single electric motor, chain drive. 24 Volts. Two adults. They were the preferred mode of transportation in Long Beach until the mid-seventies. Autoettes were available with a range of accessories, windscreens, doors, convertible tops, side curtain. Starting in 1953 some models were equipped with a small “accessible” door on the curb-side for easy entry.