‘International Women’s Day’ is a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide, as well as to raise awareness about equality and women’s rights. But today is too somber to celebrate.

Why is today’s ‘International Women’s Day’ is a day like no other?

Whereas in the past we celebrated our sisterhood with pride, today we mourn.

Whereas in the past we celebrated our sisterhood’s accomplishments, today we recognize their failure.
Failure to stand with our Israeli sisters who were savagely brutalized, raped, mutilated, slaughtered and kidnapped in broad daylight.

Whereas in the past we celebrated in unity with the international community, today we stand alone. Jewish women everywhere are potential targets to deranged ideologies.

In the months since the Oct.7th bloodbath, we heard the roaring silence of the “metoo pussyhats” who marched in the streets with pink beanies howling about sexual abuse, harassment, and rape. We stood with you.

Where are you now, international pussyhats? Ah, a quick fashion change, from pink hat to terrorist keffiyeh, marching in the streets, sitting in halls of power chanting death calls #metoounlessurajew. Fickle as street cats in heat.

It took the UN, United Nebachs, 150 days to acknowledge the unimaginable sadistic and inhuman carnage perpetrated against our beautiful Israeli women, young and old. Our girls are still brutalized in captivity. Who is coming to their aid?

Women like Sarah Ferguson who collects golden awards from the Red Cross for ‘raising awareness and fighting against violence towards women’, is silent, as are the other make-believe queens, princesses, movie stars, musicians, academicians, politicians, media personalities and the like, they all remain silent.

But we hear and we see you. Your pussy-hats have bloody stains 😡

Today and every day, we salute our amazing Israeli women, our brave mothers and sisters, the true Lionesses of Judah 🦁🌹✡️

Today and every day, we honor the memory of all our precious flowers who were viciously plucked before their time. May they bloom in the Garden of Eden. יהי זכרם ברוך ונשמתם בגן עדן 🔯 #bringthemhome 💙 עם ישראל חי

And to all the awesome women around the world I know and love– keep rocking, you make the world a better place 💝💐💃

Here’s to brave women who dare to speak
their voices loud, the truth they seek
their courage shines, a beacon bright
their actions echo in the night
with every word they pave the way
for brighter future they work and pray.

Yakira Shimoni Fulks
March 8, 2024 | OC CA