The charismatic sky turned red like Kalahari Desert
and yellow saffron strands glistened on the waves
the giant sea laid peaceful blue and quiet
holding treasured secrets in its bottom caves.

Inside, my heart raged in shades of thunderclouds
above sandy bluffs with blowing silky grass
on rainy afternoon filled with misty sea fog
and lonely drifting ship honking loud its brass.

My fears like faded denim jeans washed away and vanished
as cries of squawking seagulls swirled wispy white
the sky turned graceful gray of planetary silver
and from afar I saw Your beacon shining, oh, so bright.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Poetry
July 2, 2022 | Orange County, California

Photography Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company
Canon USA EOS 70D | Canon 24-105 f4