Linked in endless feed
dotting eyes
watch subtle tease
hoarding likes
like candy bars
from faceless strangers
near and far
a world of meaning less
than more
incessant chatter
with words galore
free loaders
and passersby
throw jaded shade
and scheme and spy
and smear their neighbors
without shame
with hope of bits of thrill
to claim
then eat the fruit that others feed
and suck the life out till they bleed
and poke and pry
until they fizzle
until they dry
pictures of a life gone mad
lonely people
alone and sad
nothing matters
all is rotten at the core
and cold
in dark holes
a lively graveyard
for long-lost souls
all linked in
and intertwined
the deaf the dumb
the sick and blind.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
January 22, 2022 | OC, California

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