The day was just another day like all the days before it
it came and went like winds blow over mountains
and gust down over plains
at night I went to sleep alone
and dreamt again about you
I dreamt that you were here with me
and snuggled in my bed:
‘Here I am to love you, you said
here I am to stay
I will be with you tonight until the rest of days
let’s fall asleep together
I will hold you tight
I will kiss away your tears
and make your mornings bright.’

I woke up from my dream and reached around to touch you
but you were gone again like clouds on clear blue sunny day
I sunk into my sheets
my heart was heavy once again without you
my skin had shivered cold
as I mumbled words you said:
‘Here I am to love you
here I am to stay
I will never leave you until the end of days
I will hold your hand
and dry up all your tears
I will stay with you
and chase away your fears.’

Another day had come and gone like all the days before it
and nothing special happened that I can recall
each moment that had passed by I only thought about you
and once again I waited for the night to fall
to fall asleep and feel you close beside me
to feel you touch my body and to hear you say:
‘Here I am to love you
here I am to stay
let’s take a chance just you and I
whatever may come may
I will always love you
say you love me too
tomorrow we will wake together
to fresh new morning dew.’
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
February 5, 2022 | OC, California

#Photography Asaf Fulks | The OC Recording Company
#Canon EOS 5DS 131mm | #CrystalCove, #california

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