On Mother’s Day one Sunday morning
I woke up all alone,
a million mothers went to march
shouting out their scorn.

They called to stop the violence
demanding gun control,
they said our children would be safer
and society as a whole.

I sat alone–my kids were gone–
my thoughts wandered far away,
I pondered what would make a difference
the loss of kinder to keep at bay.

And so I thought:
The rage our children feel inside
would not be stopped by passing laws,
it is the tender loving care
that will further ease their blows.

It takes much more than shouting out
and protesting out in malls,
it takes a heap of care and tending
to save our children’s souls.

Society cannot be tamed
by passing rules and legislation,
the only way to save our system
is teach our children ’bout compassion.

It’s not enough to utter words,
it’s not enough to say we care,
it’s not enough to raise our banners
if kids are left to their despair.

It is the teaching in the home
the way parents give respect
and how they honor themselves n’ others
that show kids just how to act.

It is the constant concentration
the care and tending in every day
which parents give despite affliction–
to save a child from falling prey.

If babes are valued and respected,
if they receive their due esteem,
they will give back what they received
and yield beyond our wildest dreams.

For citizens of any land
can live together in peace and truce,
if early on they are self-governed
with bits of love, respect and truth.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
May 14, 2000 | Hollywood Hills, California
Kira’s Art | Mother and Child

Mothers Day ©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art 2018