On the road to Heaven
I slipped and fell in Hell
the sight was oh, so gory
my lungs began to yell.

Smoke of rancid fires
filled the cold crumbling cave
and ice was dripping thru
flames that rolled in waves.

Rows of rabid rabbits
hung on toadstool rails
and mischiefs ravished rats
drooled and licked their tails.

Crabs and snakes slid hither
cats and bats flew by
leaches sucking blood
crawled inside my thigh.

A one-eyed snorting boar
came bearing chalice chrism
telling tales so bold
with many fractured prisms.

He handed me a phyle
‘Savor up the drink’
but he forgot to tell
the brew was full of stink.

I tried to quench my thirst
and took a tall big gulp
but all at once my mouth
was full of rocks and salt.

My body dried up blue
my soul began to shrivel
the cloaked and clubfoot ghoul
began to laugh and drivel.

He said he lured me over
and now I’ll stay forever
among his filth and grime
his wolves and ugly ravens.

But he forgot that foolish hog
that I may slip and cry
but on my way to Heaven
I don’t intend to die.

I spread my Falcon feathers
so wide HE helped me leaven
and once again I was
on the road to Heaven.
LoveNotes ©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
November 26, 2020 | OC CA

Photography Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company
Canon USA EOS 5DS | Sigma 24F1.4mm
13th Sphere | K-Karma