So long ago and far away
I landed on these shores to stay
a young girl without a clue
in this land Red, White and Blue.

They said this was a place of dreams
where fairy tales come true, it seemed
the streets, they said,  were paved with gold
where one stays young and trim and bold.

Years came and time went by
once gullible and very shy
I had to grew just overnight
some days were dark
and some were bright.

Along the way I met so many
some were rich
some short a penny
some were friends
some were foes
some were nice
some I let go.

On my travels as I roamed
I called each place I saw my home
I thanked my Lord, our God above
for making this the land I love.

So many places I have seen
some desert dry some lush and green
from North to South from East to West
I prayed this land be always blessed.

As future came and past was gone
with hopes I filled each early dawn
then lush dreams of golden rush
had turned mush and some were crushed
on the streets where once we blushed
now calls for freedom are being hushed.

I recall days far away
before this country had turned gray
when every day old glory flew
with pride and honor Red, White and Blue.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
September 24, 2021 | OC, California

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