It was another busy week in the neighborhood. In between the regular hustle and bustle of every day, I painted a little, went to the beach for a long walk, hung out at the studio with artists making music, and got ready for the new art show at gallery in Mission Viejo on Saturday September 2023.

Where hidden paths appear and disappear
I brush away the dust of yesteryear
each morning dawn a sacred day I start
counting rosaries of tears inside my heart.

Within the smallest speck there is grace
in gratitude for life and sweet embrace
its secrets held for those who dare to face
and hold the sight of God in every place.

Where eagles soar in skies of endless heights
and seagulls dance above the sea so blue
where fields of flowers pray in graceful rites
inside our silent longings, beauty lives there too.

Where hidden trails come then fade from view
I know a place where love lives strong and true
each morning dawn a sacred journey day I start
as rosaries of tears flood inside my heart.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Sep 1, 2023 | OC California