I spent a wonderful Sunday at the Fiesta de Santa Anita horse racing park with my fun-loving friends. We watched Fatell on stage with special performance by Connie Pena and Jliothetribute. Good food, beautiful weather, and happy people enjoying the day was such a refreshing change from the grinding dally news.

Santa Anita Park, located in Arcadia, California, known as “The Great Race Place,” is one of the premier horse racing venues in the United States. The Park opened on December 25, 1934, and hosts numerous prestigious horse races, including the Santa Anita Derby, which is a significant prep race for the Kentucky Derby.

The Santa Anita Park was built in the Art Deco style, which emerged in the 1920s and flourished through the 1930s. It is known for its geometric shapes, bold colors, and decorative motifs. The Park’s grandstand and buildings feature sleek lines, ornate details, and symmetrical designs. The grand size and architecture reflects the glamour and sophistication of the era in which it was built, contributing to its status as a historic venue. Santa Anita Park has been the backdrop for several Hollywood films and is celebrated for its picturesque setting against the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.