Walkin’ on a Wire is an original piano driven song featuring electric guitar, thought provoking lyrics, powerful singing and poetic spoken word. Mom and son duo, Asaf and Kira, deliver a moving message in this latest release from their OC MIX BUSS album.

Vocals, lyrics, music, production, performance, audio engineering, art, videography: Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks Guitar: Anton Emmerton at The OC Recording Company | Kira’s Art | OC Mix Buss

Walkin’ on a wire
riskin’ all that I got
just to get a lil’ higher
erryday I don’t stop
over vallies filled with fire
winds blow and rain drops
I’ll be walkin’ on this wire
all the way to the top

In the middle of my life
I found myself alone
walkin’ on a wire
my dreams carried me along
I held to every moment
with a tooth and nail
hoping to be strong
hoping not to fail
looking to the stars
to guide me through the dark
to give me but a clue
to light a little spark

In the middle of my life
I wanted all to end
and yet each day I woke
determined to ascend
I knew I must go on
I knew I should not quit
for this is but a course
in God’s prerequisite
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
June 13, 2000 | Hollywood Hills, California