Before we bring world peace
we must prune hypocrisy
Oh, where on earth do we begin
to free the chains of mediocracy?

In every home across the land
in corners high or drowned
amidst the pretense and the show
a bit of shame is found.

We talk the talk throughout the day
and then at night when we return
to be alone with dear and loved ones
we sleep the night uncaring.

We say that God lives in all things
we marvel at His nature
and yet all day we treat each other
as lowliest of creatures.

It is indeed a tad demanding
to give ourselves to others
for in the end we feel alone
for no one out there bothers.

We talk the talk throughout the day
and then at night when we return
we walk a different route to home
our souls we slowly burn.

We search for God is awesome sights
in visions grand and lofty
but all along He lays in sight
in simple words voiced softly.

Yet in our haste to shield ourselves
from hurt—real or imagined—
we miss the moments of divine
that lie in sweet compassion.

Still no act itself fulfills
unless it’s done with willing heart
for any deed without intention
is love gone wasted and set apart.

The art of living lays in balance
between our talking and the walk
to be a part of holiness
we must be bigger than those we muck.

To bring a lasting peace on earth
we must dig down and ponder
and find the Holy Land inside
before we all go down under.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Poetry
April 28, 1999 | Graymoor, IL

Rabbi Yuval Cohen Asherov
Ink on Paper
June 22, 2022