So many birthdays came
some happy some with sorrow,
she saw her life move by
still wishing for new morrows.

This morning she woke up
to face a brand-new day,
today she is sixty-seven
and here is what she says:

I traveled through the years
to see so many changes,
despite the many tears
my heart with love still rages.

I stumbled and I fell
and got up to continue,
for life is but a tale of
many rings and venues.

The wishes that were given
so many years ago,
are dreams in which I live in
of hopes to reap and sow.

Who knows what will be|
just around the bend,
there are so many routes
to reach the promised land.

With vigor in the heart
and hope for better morrows,
today is a brand-new start
to fly above the laurels.

Collect the memories
and string them one by one,
then tie them in a wreath
and lay them in the sun.

The past has passed and gone
the future lays out there,
today is what we have
to be the most and share.

Today I am sixty-seven
my bushels are a flow,
today I am still alive
let’s sing and dance and glow.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
May 28, 1998 | Graymoor, IL

Poetry and Spoken Word: Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Videography: Yakira Shimoni Fulks and Asaf Fulks
Music Production and Audio Engineering: Asaf Fulks
Copyright 2020 | Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art and Poetry | All Rights Reserved