Brown Hairstreak farfalla
skipped by the sea
she fluttered and flapped
and buzzed like a bee
over dry shrubby bushes
sharp spiny whorled leaves
that coiled and looped on the ridged rocky reef.

She sniffed stiff greenthreads
honeybush caramel and sweet-scented thyme
and over clover longneck flowers
she burst into rhyme—
she quivered so fast
humming her song
the flowers had opened
and phyllary pronged
one plumed tail short and green
the other red and long.

On a bright blue morning
she flittered with glee
Brown Hairstreak farfalla
skipped by the sea.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
July 31, 2021 | Crystal Cove, California

#PhotographyAsaf Fulks | The OC Recording Company
Canon USA EOS 5DS 70mm | July 29, 2021

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