In the middle of my life
I found myself alone
walking down the road
all my dreams were gone
feeling numb inside
shocked into a shell
wondering what to do
where to live or dwell.

Burdened by a past
that left me bruised and maimed
I stumbled everyday
a purpose to regain
to find another dream
to carry me along
a hope a wish or vision
to bring my heart a song.

Half way through my life
I wished to simply sleep
to not awake again
to never cry and weep
to find a different world
in which there is no pain
to let my soul find rest
and wash away the stain.

I held to every moment
with every tooth and nail
trying to be strong
hoping not to fail
looking to the stars
to guide me through the dark
to give me but a clue
and light a little spark.

In the middle of my life
I wanted all to end
and yet each day I woke
in sorrow or disdain
I knew I must go on
I knew I should not quit—
for this is but a course
in God’s prerequisite.
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
July 13, 2000 | Hollywood Hills, California
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