My poem WOKE UP THIS MORNING was selected as ‘Poem of the Week’ on Poet’s Dream. The prompt challenge word ENNUI means melancholy, weariness. Thank you to Ferrick Gray for this honor. You brightened up my day🌞

Poem of the Week — Woke Up This Morning Review by Ferrick Gray

The feeling of wanting or needing someone or something. We have all had this feeling and depending upon the circumstances, we know how painful it can be. It can leave us with a lack of fulfillment; in the case of another, a sense of emptiness and questioning ourselves. Commonly, we wonder what we’ve done and spiral in to blame ourself.

This week’s Poem of the Week gives us a slightly different look at this same feeling, but how it can be when we awake. Woke Up This Morning by Kira, is a combination of sorrow, hope and reality. The pondering of all that is and isn’t before we rise, thoughts here and there and sometimes melding to form the incomprehensible. Finally, there is acceptance and we move on.

Please join with me to congratulate Kira for her wonderful poem and contributions to Poet’s Dream. — Ferrick

I wrote the poem on 3/30/1999. I can still feel that gray morning, a mother alone on Graymoor Lane wishing I was loved and protected. The one who promised to stay ’till death due us part’ went to find utopia in other pastures leaving us alone and vulnerable. So many years have passed since then and love has yet to beckon. Now I live in my beloved Sunny California creating precious pearls from art and music with my darling son for the world to enjoy. So many unexpected things happened since that morning, far beyond my wildest imagination, some devastating like the loss of my brother, others exhilarating–like the rich body of work I produced since. Overtime, I have come to understand that love, immense love, comes from only ONE source. I also came to realize that the only antidote to ennui is Mind over Matter. No person, nor pill or magic-wand can lift one up but the WILL of his own spirit. As we sit alone around the world we should be mindful not to sink into darkness but to BE the light that brightens our beautiful Garden here in Eden. Kira

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