These pictures were taken during our trip to Israel on October 2, 2010, at The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

I took the pictures with a disposal camera and ran out of film. The last picture was of Jesus’s empty tomb, where he is believed to have been buried and resurrected. When the film was developed the picture (below) was blurry as if His spirit rose at that moment. I call it Resurrection.

The church is located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City and has the two holiest sites in Christianity: The Calvary or Golgotha, the site where Jesus was crucified, and Jesus’s empty tomb. The tomb is enclosed by a 19th-century shrine called the Aedicula, where visitors place candles. Within the church proper are the last four stations of the Via Dolorosa, representing the final episodes of the Passion of Jesus. Over You Jerusalem