When you left the world turned so sober
and our light had dimmed for good
on your grave tears fall burnt umber
on the same soil you once stood.

When you left we grieved and we mourned
all the days that are now so far gone
and we cried and wailed and bawled
through the day and the night till the dawn.

Many years have passed now are faded
many more are yet still to come
but our hearts have turned numb and jaded
in the silence of the beat of your drum.

When you left the world turned so sober
our songs once glad are now sad
at your grave I stand and I wonder
when will you rise up from the dead.

©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
February 28, 2021 | OC California

For my brother Ehud Shimoni may his soul rest in God’s arms
I dreamt | הלילה חלמתי | פיוט כורדי – קדיש- זאכו -החזן רמי עבדיה -ירושלים